Interviews with Local Coffee Shop Owners

Point A Hotels

Jan 2019
Services: Content strategy - Keyword research - Interviews - SEO copywriting
Industry: Hospitality
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The Project

Point A Hotels was in need of a content strategy that would help the local SEO of their various hotels in London. I pitched the creation of a series of local travel guides, but wanted to keep them as authentic as possible. Field work was in order.

The Process

First, long-tail keyword research and creative ideation helped me to come up with a list of potential blog post topics. One of Point A Hotels’ hotels was near Old Street station, which happened to be an area that I was intimately familiar with. I found search volume for phrases such as ‘Old Street coffee’ and ‘coffee shops near Old Street’, and as I had explored a lot of these local coffee shops myself, I decided that this would be an excellent topic to start with. I reached out to a number of coffee shops near Old Street, recruited a photographer, and organised a field trip to go and interview the local coffee shop owners about what makes their cafe stand out from the crowd.


On top of having generated unique content and photography for Point A Hotels’ readership, the blog post I produced now ranks at the top of Google for ‘coffee shops near Old Street’, ‘cafes near Old Street’ and ‘Old Street cafes’. The blog post has generated a steady flow of organic traffic over time, helping Point A Hotels reach an audience that’s interested in the area.

This content was created on behalf of Koozai digital marketing agency.


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