A History of Financial Bubbles, Crises and Flash-Crashes


Aug 2019 - Nov 2019
Services: Keyword research - SEO optimisation - Content creation - Outreach and link building - Digital project management
Industry: Finance
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The Project

DailyFX had recently launched an evergreen piece of content that had piqued the interest of their readership. The team wanted to explore how they could maximise the success of this evergreen article and came to me for advice.

The Process

To begin with, I used keyword research and content optimisation tools to identify opportunities for content expansion, keyword optimisation and internal linking. I expanded the content, replaced jargon with high-volume key phrases, broke up the text with search-informed headers, included definitions of key terms and added internal links to DailyFX’s priority landing pages. I then worked with a designer to create a standardised look for the graphs and produce a downloadable PDF asset that summarised the article’s findings. At a later stage, I worked with UX designers and web developers to create an interactive timeline that presented the key events in the original article in a multimedia format. I led the outreach and link building efforts for both the SEO-optimised article and the interactive timeline, writing and sending out outreach emails to finance publications that I had vetted on their SEO credentials.


The ‘History of Financial Bubbles, Crises and Flash-Crashes’ is now a good-looking content campaign consisting of several educational content assets. After hitting the initial outreach targets, both the SEO-optimised article and the interactive timeline have seen an organic increase in backlinks (3,126 in total), referring domains (184 in total), and organic keywords (289 in total).*

*Source: Ahrefs

This content was created on behalf of Passion Digital.


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